Marla + Gary | West Elkton United Methodist Church | Ohio Wedding Photography

My family members have been the ones who’ve given the most support this dream of mine so it is quite the honor that our first destination wedding was to Ohio, to shoot my Aunt’s nuptials in West Elkton. A year ago, when I found out Marla and Gary had finally set a date, I started planning this trip. I’ll be honest, the fact that I’ve never experienced true fall colors, outside the little we get here in California, had me excited for most of the year.

Ryan and I flew into Dayton on Wednesday before the wedding and were met with the kind of hospitality you only get in the midwest. Oh and mashed potato pizza….


On Thursday, we toured Indianapolis and got to see the War Museum and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which was very humbling. To see the endless lists of names written on those walls made me even more thankful that so many have sacrificed and served this great nation.

The wedding day came quickly and as we drove down HWY 503, I was once again impressed by the beauty that is everywhere to behold in Ohio. The sun was shining on the leaves that were just beginning to change color, making the landscape look like a painting. As I began walking around the church and reception area, I quickly realized that no detail had been missed. Marla spent weeks putting together floral arrangements and planning the decor for the ceremony and reception. It was an honor to capture this day for my family. I’ll never forget my Grandma’s expression as she walked in and saw Marla in her dress. That alone made the trip worth it and we left part of our hearts in Ohio.

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